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Animating Your World

Kid Content Creator /

Team & Cultural Leader

Animation is a beautiful thing.  It can take any silly idea, a doodle, or a good character and bring them to life.  Animation can put it all in motion and create a whole new world for others to enjoy and embrace.  I try and take a bit of that animation magic and bring it to the world I can touch.  People. Teams. Culture. Products. Or just a simple idea.


I’ve got nearly 20yrs experience in International markets building brands and campaigns for the Kids & Family business. I’ve helped build, grow, and mentor many creative teams of writers, producers, and editors who  have created award winning content for Linear TV, YouTube, and Social Platforms. Authenticity, humor, and a healthy dose of sarcasm are my bread and butter. But leading Teams with honesty, heart and a good sense of humor is where my passion lies. I’ve run the gambit in the Media business. I’ve worked with Ad-Sales (Monetization), creating long & short format content for Kids (Content Creation/Brand Building), leading & developing teams (Leadership/People), and navigating Change & Culture.


Do you have an idea you’re excited about? A challenge you can’t quite beat? A Team & Culture need you are feeling lost navigating? Maybe some Branding woes? Or do you just need to vent? Message me, I’m a good listener, and I know I can help you with any of your business challenges.

Freelance Creative Director | Copywriter | Creative Consultant | Voice Actor

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